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  • Paralegals can be a powerful tool of justice, helping to resolve disputes and empower individual clients and whole communities. Living and working in the communities they serve, community-based paralegals combine their knowledge of the formal justice system with mediation and community education to help the poor and marginalized address their justice problems.

    Open Society Justice...

  • An online platform that helps to design programs against gender-based violence continues to expand its scope - and its users. The Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls has a new campaigning module. 

    The Centre is a unique global knowledge initiative managed by UN Women.  It currently offers resources in English, French and Spanish on topics that span health,...

  • The report found that donors have helped to create institutional support to combat corruption but that, despite efforts, it has not actually resulted in less corruption. It nonetheless commend the fact that corruption has become a more broadly discussed topic and that grassroots efforts have demonstrated a cultural shift in thinking and strengthened local accountability to some extent. Misuse...

  • Foreign Policy's Colum Lynch provides a look at the Third World troops who fight the U.N.'s wars. Check out his slide show tour of the U.N. photo archives showing just how much the complexion and nationality of U.N. blue helmets has changed over time.

  • See IRIN analysis of sex trafficking and sex slavery in Israel. The arrest and imprisonment earlier this month of the head of Israel's biggest trafficking ring of young women will deter some of those involved in sex slavery, but former victims and activists say much more needs to be done to stop the practice.

  • Sexual harassment is an everyday issue for women in Nepal, particularly in urban areas. Although exact numbers are unavailable, activists say the problem is on the rise and are demanding change.

  • The UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice last month adopted new UN Principles and Guidelines on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems—a set of principles designed to ensure that access to legal information, advice and assistance is available to all through the provision of legal aid. Read about Malawi's role in the adoption of the UN Principles and Guidelines here...

  • Marta Martinelli, senior policy officer for Africa for the Open Society Foundation, gives an interview on Security Sector Reform in Democratic Republic of Congo assessing some of the big picture issues involved.

  • IRIN humuanitarian news and analysis provides analysis on the arrest of a senior Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander, which has reignited debate in Uganda about what to do with alleged war criminals: let them go, to encourage other rebels to surrender; or prosecute them in the name of accountability and justice.

  • The role of the police in helping combat HIV is emerging as a key issue in public health. Several international consultations are scheduled for 2012 to drive for cultural change within law enforcement bodies in HIV prevention.

    The first such consultation was held at the Headquarters of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) in Rome on 10-11 May 2012.