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  • شیوه برخورد حساس با تروما ( آسیب روانی) در ساحه حقوقی

    نویسنده: مژگان یارمحمدی

    در این بلاگ مژگان یارمحمدی تجارب و مشاهدات خویش را از ورکشاپی که تحت عنوان شیوه برخورد حساس با تروما (آسیب روانی) در ساحه حقوقی که توسط میدیکا موندیال برای کارمندان میدیکا افغانستان و دو کارمند انستیتوت صلح ایالات متحده برگزار گردیده بود٬‌ شریک میسازد.

  • Building Police Accountability at a Local Level: A Practical Example from Afghanistan

    A Blog by Chelsea Dreher

    This blog is for practitioners interested in community-level mechanisms for enhancing police accountability. It examines an Afghanistan-based project that successfully supported citizens’ efforts to monitor and document police behaviors, and to work with police leaders...

  • این بلاگ به زبان انگلیسی نیز در این لینک قابل دسترس است. بازتاب سیستم محاکمه ایالات متحده برای حقوقدانان افغان بلاگ توسط محمد خالد نورزاد در این بلاگ٫ آقای محمد خالد نورزاد تجارب و مشاهدات خویش را از یک ورکشاپ که در آن فعالین سکتورهای عدلی و قضائی از کشور های افغانستان٫ ازبکستان و ایالات متحده امریکا بمنظور آموختن در مورد سیستم محاکمه و طرزالعمل عدالت جزایی امریکا اشتراک کرده بودند٫ شریک...
  • This blog is also available in Dari at this link.

    Reflections on the US Trial System for Afghan Rule of Law Practitioners

    A Blog by Mohammad Khalid Noorzad

    In this blog, Mr. Khalid Noorzad shares his experience and observations from a collaborative workshop that brought Afghan, Uzbek, and US justice sector actors together to learn about the US trial system and criminal...

  • Women Working on Rule of Law in Complex Environments: Piia Mustonen

    A blog by Piia Mustonen

    Author’s Disclaimer: Please note that the views expressed in the following text are entirely my own and do not necessarily represent those of UNSOM or INPROL.

    “Piia Mustonen.” Mogadishu, Somalia, 2017.

    My alarm goes off at 5:50 am. My room is pitch dark. I get up,...

  • Recently an INPROL member posted a query to the Rule of Law Research Forum asking for advice on where he could submit a journal article he had written for publication. Publishing practitioner insights in an academic journal is an important step in communicating knowledge gained through research to a wider audience and it helps bridge the gap between rule of law theory and practice. As such,...

  • Lawyers for All

    A blog by Samwiri Wakhakha

    In this INPROL Blog based on his own experiences growing up in Uganda and working in the field of rule of law, Samwiri Wakhakha brings the importance of access to justice to the fore.

    Brief Country Background

    Uganda, a developing country in East Africa. As a former British colony, it has retained a common law legal system....

  • The Theory of Law and Rights in the North African Legal System

    A blog by Sara Hilal bik

    Photo Author: Citizen 59. “Panoramique de Tunis.” Tunis, Tunisia, February 11, 2010. Some Rights Reserved.*

    The general theory of law and rights has a unique shape in the North African legal system (spanning Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). During the colonial period, French law...

  • International Actors in the Field: Expectations, Ethics, and Behavior

    Photo Author: Spc. Jillian Munyon. "Mosul Public Service Academy Training Center." Iraq, 2010. Some Rights Reserved.*

    INPROL published an original blog from Police Forum Facilitator Nick Dove last week, which told a fictional story about how practitioners' unthinking behavior in the field can influence...

  • Can Rule of Law Practitioners’ Behavior in the Field Trigger Corruption?

    A blog by Nick Dove

    In this Blog, based on his own experience and observations from the field, Nick Dove shares a fictional story of how rule of law practitioners’ unthinking behavior while working in post-conflict settings can influence corrupt action. While the details in this story are fictional, it may...