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  • Governments have long known that TV can have an impact on poverty by changing behavior. More recently, economists have tried to measure these effects with greater precision. For example, in the late 2000s, economists found connections between access to cable television and acceptability of domestic violence against women.

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  • Food is strangely both an enabler of peace yet also a divider of countries, a way to elevate one’s culture as well as a cudgel to punish one’s enemy. As Ottolenghi and Tamimi write, “[H]ummus will eventually bring Jerusalemites together, if nothing else will.”

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  • The Developmental Leadership Project is supporting Oxfam’s wide-ranging ‘How change happens’ research project. A set of ten Active Citizenship Case Studies from this project have just been published, with a companion summary of the insights and lessons they provide.

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  • In partnership with BRAC, the United Nations Development Programme and the World Justice Project, Namati has launched the Namati Justice Prize, the first award scheme of its kind for grassroots justice programs. These are programs using the law, community paralegals, or legal education and awareness-raising, to tackle poverty, injustice and social problems. The Prize is open to individuals,...

  • The 2014 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons rshows that one in three known victims of human trafficking is a child - a 5 per cent increase compared to the 2007-2010 period.

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  • Until the end of March, 2015 Campridge University Press is pleased to offer complimentary online access to the new issue of the Asian Journal of International Law (AsianJIL).

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  • Today's wars are very different from classic wars. More often than not, they involve a multitude of non-state actors. These actors cannot be ignored and left out of negotiations if the plight of civilians in zones of conflict is to improve.

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  • Afghanistan: January report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) details the poor contractor performance and government oversight that led to the failure of the Afghan Special Police Training Center Dry Fire Range project.

    Albania: Like in many countries, women in conflict with the law in Albania are neglected as policies are drafted with only the...

  • There have been a number of discussions and consultations on the ‘localization’ of the Post-2015 agenda, a process led by the United Nations (UN) that aims to help define the future global development framework that will succeed the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight global development targets which come to an end in 2015. As implied by the very concept of ‘localizing’,...

  • This wide-ranging and comprehensive report from the International Bar Association Presidential Task Force on Climate Change Justice and Human Rights identifies problems and gaps in existing legal, human rights, trade and other institutional arrangements. It contains a series of new ideas and recommendations to governments and world institutions, such as the World Trade Organization, human...