Intelligence Led Stability Police Unit (SPU) Operations

March 24, 2007 - 1:00am
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 During the Command Development Seminar for United Nations Formed Police Unit (FPU) Commanders and Police Commissioners in Vicenza in early November, a proposed intelligence-led operations exercise was presented for feedback and critique. The aim of this exercise is three-fold:

1. To understand how to conduct intelligence led operations in the context of an international peace mission, including planning with local police forces and military contingents.

2. To be able to develop an operational order for the use of Formed Police Units for the conduct of an intelligence-led operation.

3. To be able to determine the appropriate use of FPUs in response to an escalating level of treat to public order in the context of a peace operation. The exercise will be conducted for the first time at the next Command Development Seminar in late 2007.