Doing Research in Conflict-Affected Areas: Five Lessons for Peacebuilders

October 10, 2018 - 11:06am

"The truth is that too often many people living in conflict don't get asked for their perspectives and ideas. And too often no-one is prepared to really listen. But in the same way that companies or businesses depend on feedback from their clients, listening to people about their experiences of insecurity and what could be done to make them feel safer is crucial for tailoring support to people in conflict-affected contexts to their own identified needs – not the ones we assume for them. For peacebuilding organisations, this means planning and conducting research that is of practical value in that we learn from it and improve support to those living through conflict.  The best research is valuable to participants as well as researchers. But how can we go about peacebuilding research in a way that is sensitive to the experiences people are living through and make it useful to those who participated in the research?"

To read more, visit Saferworld's website, here.

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