INPROL Member Survey 2015 and INPROL Strategic Plan 2015-2017

November 24, 2015 - 4:02pm

Thank you to all the members who kindly participated in INPROL’s 2015 Member Survey.  Through the survey, we gained great insight from members on a range of issues including:

1. How we are meeting members’ needs and how we can do better;
2. How we can better facilitate networking and engagement between members;
3. Ways in which we can improve the website, its content and the services we provide; and
4. INPROL Publications.

Please click here to read a copy of the INPROL Member Survey 2015. We intend to act on the recommendations we received. As such, in each section of the survey you will see a list of action items that the INPROL team will undertake in the coming months.

The member survey has greatly influenced future INPROL activities. It was against the backdrop of the survey, and inputs received therein, that the INPROL team crafted a two-year strategic plan. Please click here to read the INPROL Strategic Plan 2015-2017. 

If you have any further suggestions on how the INPROL team can better serve your needs as you work to promote the rule of law, please feel free to email us (

With best wishes,