Launch of the Global Legal Empowerment Network

February 22, 2012 - 10:34am

The Global Legal Empowerment Network has recently been launched!

The Network, hosted by the new organization Namati, provides a forum for those committed to legal empowerment — community paralegals, concerned citizens, NGOs, development agencies, public interest lawyers, journalists, government officials — to share tools and information. The Network grows out of several years of discussion among legal empowerment practitioners, convened with the help of the Open Society Justice Initiative and the World Bank’s Justice for the Poor Program.

Legal empowerment brings law out of books and into the hands of the people. It supports practical ways for communities to exercise their rights and hold institutions accountable. To achieve this vision, the Network aims to help practitioners learn from one another and build a broader, stronger movement for legal empowerment.

Members of the Network can:

  • Access a tools database: Exchange practical resources - a paralegal training manual, a case management system, a strategy for addressing injustices by large firms. 
  • Connect with other practitioners: Develop a profile about your organization.  Form sub-groups focused on regions or themes. Share experiences of both successes and failures.
  • Participate in regional meetings: Join in-person meetings on specific topics.  The next one, in Dhaka in April, is on methods for evaluating the impact of legal empowerment interventions.
  • Receive alerts about new features: Over the next few months, the Network will be releasing tool kits curated by experts on key themes within legal empowerment, like the right to information, state recognition of paralegals, gender-based violence, and community land rights.
  • Keep up-to-date: Follow recent developments in the field through the newsfeed and blog.